1. At least one year (i.e., two consecutive semesters) of the doctoral program must be spent in full-time academic work at the University of Utah.
    1. When a student proceeds directly from a master’s degree to a Ph.D. degree with no break in the program of study (except for authorized leaves of absence), the residency requirement may be fulfilled at any time during the course of study.
  2. A full load is nine credit hours.
    1. Three hours of Thesis Research: Ph.D. (course number 7970) is also considered a full load after the residency requirement is fulfilled.
  3. The Graduate Council may approve departmental or programmatic exceptions to the minimum residency requirements and proposals for new programs or academic offerings using distance-learning technologies and/or off-campus sites, as provided by Graduate School policy.
  4. *Does not refer to or fulfill State Residency Requirements
  5. Doctoral students must be enrolled during the semester in which the dissertation defense occurs.