Available for Fall 2024

The Robotics Graduate Certificate will provide knowledge for integrating hardware and software with algorithms to create the next generation of intelligent machines and will enhance students’ graduate degrees with an additional or stand-alone credential in robotics to list on their resume.

Graduate Certificate Requirements
Student must be:
A University of Utah graduate degree seeking student OR
A non-matriculated student enrolled at the University of Utah. A bachelor's degree in a STEM field is required, and non-matriculated status is only available to domestic students.

  • This entire certificate can be completed as a non-degree seeking/non-matriculated student, however if students decide they want to apply the courses towards a M.S. or Ph.D. graduate program, only 9 credits of non-matriculated courses are allowed to count towards the degree so students should apply to the Graduate School prior to completing their 9th non-matriculated credit.

The graduate certificate is geared towards students completing degrees in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Engineering or Computer Science. Students with other degrees might need to complete additional math, science, and engineering prerequisites to enroll in the robotics courses, which may add additional time to graduate.

Students can potentially complete the certificate in the same amount of time as their M.S. or Ph.D. degree, if they plan their certificate courses carefully and complete their required project on time.