The undergraduate Robotics Minor will provide knowledge for integrating hardware and software with algorithms to create the next generation of intelligent machines. The minor will enhance a students' undergraduate major with an additional credential in robotics.

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

(1) Must be a University of Utah undergraduate degree-seeking student (BS or BA)

Undergraduate minors may not be awarded without completion of an undergraduate degree at the University of Utah.

(2) Complete required pre-requisites (PHYS 2210 and MATH 2250 OR 2270 AND 2280) for minor courses with a C or better PRIOR to enrollment in minor.

(3) Declare Full Major Status in a University of Utah major

(4) Fill out the Minor Application on the "Admission" tab

(5) Meet with the Robotics Advisor to officially declare the Minor

(6) Complete Minor requirements with a Minimum C grade and an average GPA of 2.5 or higher in all minor courses*.

Students can potentially complete the minor in the same amount of time as their B.S. degree, or within an additional semester, if they choose minor courses as their required technical electives. A project is also required.

*Students must still meet the minimum GPA and course minimum grade requirements for their undergraduate major in order to graduate. Minors cannot be awarded independently of a baccalaureate degree.