Small Robotics Lab
Location: 0111 MEK
Research and teaching lab for small, table-top sized systems.

Large Robotics Lab
Location: 0112 MEK
Shared research facility designed for robots that need room to move.  The lab has workbenches and computing equipment to support research activities, as well as two Baxter robots and one Kooka robotic arm.  Additionally, the lab has a reconfigurable netted flight volume (25’x25’x25′) with Vicon motion capture system for conducting research on ground and aerial robots.

Lab Manager: Daman Bareiss
Faculty Supervisors: Kam K. Leang, Mark Minor, and Sanford Meek

Robo Utes Lab
Location: 0282 MEK
The RoboUtes are an interdisciplinary student organization based at The University of Utah. Students are invited to participate who are passionate about robotics or want to explore and learn about this field. RoboUtes is the place for students who are interested in learning and gaining hand’s on experience building robots. The RoboUtes believe in original work and implementation of classroom knowledge into real world applications.

Visit RoboUtes website for more details: