Welcome to the Robotics Center at the University of Utah. We are an interdisciplinary program within the John and Marcia Price College of Engineering, with faculty from the Kahlert School of Computing, the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. As such, our robotics program coordinator will work with these departments to assist and guide through a Master’s Degree, Ph.D., or graduate certificate in Robotics.

Students are responsible for the reading and adhering to the policies of the University of Utah Student Handbook, The Graduate School, this handbook and the faculty’s home department policies.

Support Staff:
Dr. Stephen Mascaro
Director of Robotics Studies
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Kelly Pearson
Robotics Graduate Student Coordinator
and Undergraduate Advisor

Robotics Faculty

Department pages:
Kahlert School of Computing
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering