Below is general University of Utah tuition and Financial Aid information. Graduate students should also refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for graduate student financial information.

The cost of your tuition depends how many credits you are taking per semester. The more credits you take in one semester, the less each credit hour costs. Part-time students will spend more on their total program as they are paying the same student fees each semester as a full-time student for more semesters and the tuition will cost more per credit hour. As part of the Utah State Higher Education system, in-state and out-of-state tuition rates apply.

Tuition Calculator

  • Add specific courses for the most accurate calculation or just get an estimate based on the number of credits. Note that some courses have additional fees such as lab fees.

Current Tuition Schedule

  • Undergraduate students should look under the College of Engineering tuition chart.
  • Graduate students should look under the Graduate tuition chart and add the Engineering differential tuition fee per credit hour on the second page.