The Utah Student Robotics team took second place in the Systems Engineering Paper competition at the 2023 NASA Lunabotics competition. This event challenges college teams to design and built prototype robots to complete tasks in a lunar-like environment. Since 2010, this has been focused on robotic mining of ice from the dark sides of craters on the moon.

The U’s team consisted of 17 students: Andrew Tolton, Chandler Millar, Daniel Robinson, Najman Husaini, Creed McCord, Hunter Strathman, Landen Hughes, Bradley Lund, Nathan Bruns, Rylan Metcalf, Jeremy Clark, Minh Le, Daniel Pruschki, Luke Phillips, Joseph Gilsoul, Simon Padgen, and Tomas Hammond. The team designed, fabricated, assembled, and operated a Lunabot using systems engineering. To do this, the team had to create a project management plan and also wrote a systems engineering paper.

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