Students wanting to complete the Robotics Graduate Certificate must be first be admitted as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student. After being admitted to the University, fill out the below certificate application and meet with the Robotics Graduate Student Coordinator to make sure you understand the certificate requirements. Degree-seeking students can fill out this application anytime prior to their last semester of their degree program, but the sooner the better. Non-degree seeking students should fill this out prior to enrolling in any courses.

More information for Non-Degree Seeking students. NOTE: All non-degree seeking applications are processed by undergraduate admissions so do not attempt to find it on the graduate student application. Non-degree seeking students also have to wait until the open enrollment date listed on the Academic Calendar to register for classes, which is after most other students.

Please fill out the below application form to help us with student tracking and advising. Meet with the Robotics Graduate Student Coordinator to make sure you understand the requirements, if you haven’t already. When you are in your last semester, submit the certificate completion form.

Graduate Certificate Application
Must be admitted to the UofU and have your UNID (Student ID) to apply for this program.
Student Status
Degree Type