Proposal Defense and Summary

i. The proposal defense is to be completed after the passing of the Ph.D. Qualifying Exam.

ii. The proposal defense is comprised of 3 parts: a written proposal, a public oral presentation and a closed oral defense of the proposal.

iii. The student is required to submit a written research proposal and proposal summary to the supervisory committee at least 2 weeks prior to the proposal defense.

1. Written Research Proposal requirements:

a. Must follow standard format such as those suggested by NSF (see NSF Proposal Preparation Instructions),
DOE, NIH, or other funding agencies as appropriate.

b. Include a budget, two-page bio-sketch, and a one-page summary.

c. Project description must be 15 pages or less and include a time table.

2. The Proposal Summary requirements:

a. Provide a succinct, one-page description of what your Ph.D. research will accomplish.

b. Your supervisory committee will have a clear understanding of your overall plan and approach after reading this one-page summary.

c. To be submitted with the written research proposal to the supervisory committee 2 weeks prior to the proposal defense. If the committee suggests changes, a revised and approved version must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator no later than 2 weeks after the proposal defense date.

    • Announcement Template¬†(must be submitted to your grad advisor at least 1 week prior to proposal date)

    • PhD Proposal Defense Report

    • Defense Summary